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Find a mortgage broker in Bolton

We’ve got some useful hints and tips to make finding a mortgage broker in Bolton and local areas easier

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By Daniel Sharpe-Szunko

Published on: 17 January 2023

3 min read

Find a mortgage broker in Bolton

One of the most difficult decisions that you’ll have to make when you’re applying for a mortgage is which mortgage broker to use. There are literally hundreds of local and national brokers to choose from and your decision can make a huge difference to your mortgage application. is not a mortgage broker unfortunately but we do have good knowledge of what to look for. 

The process of finding a trustworthy mortgage broker in Bolton or anywhere else, can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We’ve got some useful hints and tips to make finding a mortgage broker in Bolton and local areas easier. 

We’ve also teamed up with Essential Mortgages who are based at Bolton Arena and sponsors of Bolton Wanderers Football Club. You can contact them by calling 0330 118 8188 or through their website. 

How to find a trustworthy mortgage broker 

There are pros and cons to using a mortgage adviser, the main one con being the work trying a reliable broker you can trust. The easiest and quickest way to find a trustworthy mortgage broker is to look for recommendations and reviews. You could start by asking local friends and colleagues for recommendations that they have. 

You could also look for online reviews with some of the independent review services, such as: 

  • Google Reviews 
  • Feefo 
  • TrustPilot 

What does a Bolton mortgage broker do? 

A good mortgage broker in Bolton will have a strong local knowledge which will be very useful for house purchases especially. They should also be able to help you to find local people that might be beneficial to process your mortgage, such as: 

  • Bolton estate agents 
  • Bolton solicitors (conveyancers) 
  • Bolton surveyors 
  • Bolton removal companies 

There are many reasons why you’d be better off using a local broker and many financial experts recommend that you should get mortgage advice, including us at MoneyPeopleOnline. 

The benefits of a mortgage broker from Bolton will include: 

  • Find the best interest rates and deals 
  • Less chance of being refused or declined 
  • Much quicker process for getting mortgage offers
  • Help with gathering evidence 
  • Answer mortgage lender questions 
  • Can help with more complicated mortgages e.g. self-employed or buy to let mortgages
  • Advice about requirements for different types of mortgage
  • Saves time and stress 
  • Not as confusing 

How much do mortgage brokers in Bolton charge? 

Just like most financial advice, don’t be surprised that you’ll have to pay for good mortgage advice in Bolton. 

Mortgage brokers will charge you a fee but how much it is will vary depending on how much time and how complicated your mortgage application is. You might find that broker fees can be slightly higher for things like self-employed people and people with bad credit (e.g. defaults, IVAs). 

Which mortgage brokers are based in Bolton? 

There are a number of small, medium and large brokers based in Bolton and the surrounding areas. Even though it’s not always imperative that you have a local broker, there are some good local Bolton mortgage brokers. 

We have selected Essential Mortgages which is a Bolton mortgage broker based at Bolton Arena and sponsors of Bolton Wanderers Football Club. 

Contact mortgage brokers in Bolton 

You can contact Essential Mortgage by calling 0330 118 8188 or visit their website to find out more about your mortgage. 


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