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Vitality rewards review – are the rewards really worth it?

Vitality rewards seem like a great way to stay healthy and save some money on your favourite brands - but are they too good to be true?

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By Grace Lynch

Published on: 19 October 2023

10 min read

Vitality rewards review – are the rewards really worth it?

Vitality has burst onto the scene as an innovative UK insurance provider with a lot to offer to UK consumers. One of the main draws of their insurance policies is the comprehensive reward scheme they offer to their customers.

Vitality provides an impressive range of rewards and freebies, such as free cinema tickets, free coffee and even a discount on your next holiday. One of the most publicised Vitality rewards is their Apple Watch offer, where Vitality customers can get brand new Apple Watch for as little as £39 up front – a definite bargain!

We’re all aware that sometimes things can be too good to be true, and of course there are going to be some downsides to Vitality rewards and how they work. Here I’m explaining more about the potential benefits to choosing Vitality for UK consumers, but also some of the key disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

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QUICK SUMMARY – Vitality rewards review

Vitality is well known for their comprehensive reward scheme, it’s one of the main reasons consumers decide to choose their policies. Everyone loves to get their hands on a bargain or discount, but is it worth choosing a Vitality health or life insurance policy simply for the rewards?

  • Vitality’s reward scheme can work really well customers with an already active lifestyle or those wanting to improve their fitness. You track activities such as daily steps and gym workouts to wear in points that you can redeem for great rewards.
  • Vitality partner with some of the top brands on the High Street for their rewards including brands like Apple, Garmin, Expedia, Caffè Nero, Vue and Odeon.
  • There are some definite downsides to choosing Vitality just for the rewards. You need to make sure you’re engaging properly with the reward scheme in order to get full value for money – you may even see the cost of your policy go up if you aren’t active enough.
  • Vitality rewards can be a little confusing specially if you’ve never bought a Vitality policy before. I’d suggest speaking to an insurance specialist for more information and proper advice if you’re not sure about vitality.

Vitality are relatively new to the UK insurance industry, compared to insurance giants like Aviva who have been around for over 100 years. However, what they lack in years in the UK industry they make up for in innovative ideas and a dedicated focus on health and lifestyle.

It would be very easy to mistake Vitality for a gym or fitness brand, because their adverts focused so heavily on exercise, health and wellness. They encourage their customers to make healthy lifestyle choices and in exchange for this reward them with discounts and freebies from some of the UK’s top High Street brands.

It’s a clever move from Vitality as it helps keep their customers happy, and if their customers are healthier they’re also less likely to claim on a health or life insurance policy.

Vitality sell a range of different insurance policies such as:

  • Life insurance (under the name Vitality Life)
  • Serious illness cover (critical illness insurance)
  • Income protection insurance
  • Health insurance (under the name Vitality Health)

One of the main reasons that UK consumers join Vitality is because of the wide range with different rewards and discounts that are available. All you need to do to get your hands on some bargains and discounts is track your activity to earn points that can be cashed in for whatever rewards suit you best.

Admittedly, Vitality try hard to provide good value for money for their customers, by choosing to partner with popular brands such as:

Vitality pride themselves on being fresh and innovative and so a lot of their policies and rewards are very technology focused (e.g. using apps and wearable devices). While this is fine if it’s something you’re comfortable with, many people who aren’t as tech savvy might find Vitality’s reward system a little too confusing for them.

To earn your Vitality rewards, you need to start earning Vitality points. I’ve put together a quick breakdown how you earn your Vitality rewards points, to make things simpler for you.

  1. Become a Vitality member: This might seem a bit obvious, but you can’t claim Vitality rewards and unless you’re a Vitality customer. The first step to earning your Vitality rewards is to buy Vitality Life or Vitality Health insurance policy.
  2. Sign up to the Vitality Member Zone: Use your policy details to make yourself a log in for the Vitality Member Zone. This is where you will keep track of all your points and can claim your rewards.
  3. Get yourself a smart watch (or other wearable device): You need to track your activity somehow and the main way that most members choose is to use a smart watch. Vitality appreciate that not everybody’s already going to have one, so one of their main rewards is the opportunity to get the latest smart watches from as little as £39*.
  4. Pair your smart watch or other device with the Vitality app: Once your device is paired with the Vitality app, you can begin tracking your activity to earn Vitality points.
  5. Claim your rewards: Various rewards and discounts will become available for you based on the amount of activity you are taking part in and the rewards that you have earned.

What rewards can I get with Vitality?

The rewards that you can claim with Vitality will vary a little bit depending on how much you spend each month for your policy. It might feel a little unfair but it does make sense that Vitality will offer more discounts to customers who are spending more with them.

Here’s some examples of rewards that can be claimed through Vitality:

Cost of policy: £8 – £25 per monthCost of policy: £25 – £49.75 per monthCost of policy: £49.57 or more
50% discount from Runnersneed
75% discount at Champneys Spa
40% cashback with Peloton
40% discount from Garmin and Polar
50% off Vitality clothing at Nike
20% discount on Expedia
50% Vitality food at Caffe Nero
40% off Samsung and Withings
6 month membership to WeightWatchers for £30
50% discount from Runnersneed
75% discount at Champneys Spa
40% cashback with Peloton
40% discount from Garmin and Polar 50% off Vitality clothing at Nike
20% discount on Expedia
50% Vitality food at Caffe Nero
40% off Samsung and Withings
6 month membership to WeightWatchers for £30
Up to 50% discount at Nuffield Health
Up to 50% discount at Pure Gym
50% discount from Runnersneed
75% discount at Champneys Spa
40% cashback with Peloton
40% discount from Garmin and Polar
50% off Vitality clothing at Nike
20% discount on Expedia
50% Vitality food at Caffe Nero
40% off Samsung and Withings
6 month membership to WeightWatchers for £30
Up to 50% discount at Nuffield Health
Up to 50% discount at Pure Gym
Apple Watch discount (£39 upfront)
FREE cinema tickets at Vue
FREE cinema tickets at Odeon
FREE drink once a week at Caffe Nero
Healthy food discount at Waitrose
Discount codes for Rakuten
Cashback for purchases using American Express
Discounts from Mr & Mrs Smith Holidays  

Yes, one of Vitality ‘s biggest and best known rewards is their offer of a heavily discounted Apple Watch (in partnership with Apple). With this reward, you can get the latest Apple Watch from as little as £39 upfront. While this might sound great there’s some things that you need to watch out for and be aware of:

  1. Not all Vitality customers will be eligible for the Apple Watch. The offer is only available for Vitality customers who spend more than £38 a month on their policies.
  2. Although you’re only paying £39, this isn’t the full cost of the watch. When you agree to this Vitality reward, you’re essentially signing on for credit arrangement (through Etika Finance). Definitely be careful with this, especially if you’re worried about your credit score or are planning to apply for something like a mortgage soon.
  3. Vitality might pay the monthly cost of your Apple Watch (but they might not). This all depends on how much activity you’re doing and how many points you’re earning each month. If you’re not earning enough points, you may end up paying the monthly cost yourself (usually around £9.50 at most).
  4. It doesn’t have to be an Apple Watch, if you’re not a big fan of Apple products. Vitality will also offer discounts for smart watches with other providers like Garmin and Fitbit.

As great as getting a lot of discounts and freebies may sound, there are some definite downsides to Vitality rewards and how they work.

It’s so important to think about your own lifestyle and situation and whether you would be able to be active enough to earn a decent amount of Vitality points. The more points you earn, the better the range of discounts and offers that are available to you.

You will still receive some discounts automatically just for being a Vitality customer, but you also need to be aware that if you don’t engage properly with the reward scheme you could see the cost of your policy going up by around 5% each year.

Pros and cons of Vitality Rewards

Wide range of different rewards available with top high street brands that Vitality partner withThe app and technology used can be confusing for people who aren’t tech savvy
Opportunity to save money (even while paying for your insurance policy) with all the discounts availableSometimes reward points or discounts don’t show up in the app – the free Caffe Nero coffee is one where consumers see this problem quite often
Can access some level of reward benefits with all Vitality plans – with more rewards available for more expensive policiesPolicies will cost more if you don’t engage properly with the rewards programme – prices can go up by around 5% each year
Vitality rewards can change, so more rewards you like may be addedOnly one Apple Watch available per insurance plan
Can improve your health and save money on the brands you loveThe available rewards can change over time – so ones that you like may be removed or adjusted

Whether Vitality rewards are ‘worth it’ comes down to personal opinion. I can’t say if they would be worth it for every consumer in the UK, because realistically they may not be worth the money spent on policies for some people.

Vitality rewards work really well for people who already have an active lifestyle and are happy to fully engage with the rewards scheme. Someone who is active and will track their activities on the Vitality app can often save money each month by claiming the highest amount of discounts available.

How to earn Vitality reward points

Realistically you just want to know how you can earn as many points as possible, right? the key to getting the most value for money how have your vitality policy is to try and earn a high amount of points. this will let you claim the most discounts and rewards – with the benefit of also improving your health at the same time.

Vitality rewards can feel confusing especially for people who aren’t familiar with Vitality and how these policies work.

These are some of the main ways to earn Vitality reward points:

ActivityAmount of points earned
7,000 steps per day3 points per day, up to 40 points per week
10,000 steps per day5 points per day, up to 40 points per week
Gym workout5 points per day, up to 40 points per week
12,500 steps per day8 points per day, up to 40 points per week
30 minutes daily exercise (heart rate at max. for 70% of the workout)8 points per day, up to 40 points per week
60 minutes of exercise (burning 300kcal)8 points per day, up to 40 points per week
Taking part in or volunteering at a Vitality Parkrun event8 points per day, up to 40 points per week
Attending Vitality 5k, 10k or half marathon events8 points per day, up to 40 points per week
Complete an annual Vitality health check (online)Up to 100 points per year
Complete an annual Vitality non-smoker declaration (online)Up to 100 points per year
Complete an annual Vitality health check (in a Vitality partner pharmacy)Up to 600 points maximum based on things like your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and BMI
Complete an annual Vitality non-smoker declaration (in a Vitality partner pharmacy)Up to 200 points maximum based on traces of nicotine found from within the last 12 months

We all know that the hazard of technology is that sometimes things don’t work quite as they should. With Vitality relying so heavily on apps and wearable devices for their reward scheme, sometimes things go wrong.

if you’re struggling with your Vitality app, can’t find the reward you’re looking for or your points just aren’t showing up, you need to speak to Vitality. Don’t worry, Vitality do expect that these issues can happen so they have a dedicated page on their website full of FAQs to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

You can also call Vitality’s rewards team or speak to them on WhatsApp if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

Vitality rewards contact details

Tel. 0808 304 4374

Online (WhatsApp) – Vitality WhatsApp chat

Opening hours – 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm Saturdays

Frequently asked questions about Vitality rewards points

How many Vitality points can I earn a day?A lot of Vitality activities list that you can only earn up to 8 points maximum for them per day.  
This is because this is Vitality’s daily limit. Be aware of this before trying to claim 8 points for 2 separate activities as this won’t work.
How do I claim Vitality points?Your points from things like daily steps should sync up and appear automatically in your Vitality app.  
If you’re claiming for other ways of earning points (e.g. a health check), you will need to send evidence to Vitality about this activity.
Do Vitality points expire?Every year your Vitality points will reset and you will need to start building them up again to get your rewards.  
You can only earn a maximum of 2080 points each year.
How do I update my Vitality points?If your new points aren’t appearing in the Vitality app, there might have been a problem with your smart watch or other device syncing the data.  

Try dragging the homepage of the app downward to refresh your points. If this doesn’t work, leave the app running for around 15 minutes and the points should appear.  

If they don’t appear after this, your best bet is to contact Vitality directly for help.

To gain access to Vitality’s reward scheme you need to be a Vitality customer. While their reward scheme is definitely appealing, don’t buy a policy based on that alone.

I’d always recommend doing some research, whether you’re looking into a Vitality health or Vitality life insurance policy. Check out the benefits of each type of cover and shop around and look at what’s on offer with other providers before you make a decision.

While Vitality’s rewards scheme certainly is impressive and definitely makes it tempting to choose Vitality as your insurance provider, this shouldn’t be the only thing that you base that decision on.

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