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Vitality launches new insurance products

Learn more about Vitality's 3 new serious illness cover policies PLUS changes to income protection

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By Grace Lynch

Published on: 10 February 2023

6 min read

Vitality launches new insurance products

You’ve probably seen adverts for Vitality at some point in your day-to-day life, with them being one of the UK’s biggest insurance providers.

Vitality is well-known for offering great rewards and benefits to their customers, and yesterday (9th February) they announced BIG changes to their range of products.

This includes 3 NEW Serious Illness Cover policies and up to 20% higher Income Protection pay outs. You may not be familiar with some of Vitality’s policies (you can learn more in our Vitality life insurance guide).

Here, we’re going to explain the changes Vitality have made to 2 of their main insurance products to take out any confusion about what this cover now includes.

SUMMARY: In this guide, we will explain Vitality’s 3 new Serious Illness Cover (critical illness cover) policies and how they have changed their Income Protection insurance plans.

Facts about Vitality Insurance

Vitality has a unique approach to their life insurance and protection products compared to other insurance companies. They encourage improvements in healthy living and fitness over the policy term, in return for Vitality Active Reward points that can be redeemed for rewards.

Vitality award customers who improve their health and lifestyle with benefits such as free Caffe Nero coffees, free cinema tickets and more.

Realistically, everyone wants value for money when it comes to their insurance policies. Though Vitality can be more expensive (in some cases), you often get a lot more for your money than with other providers. You can benefit from both the cover you need plus extra perks – and who wouldn’t like that?

Last year, Vitality:

  • Awarded over 130,000 Vitality Active Awards to their members every week
  • Provided lower monthly premiums and free benefits that were equal to repaying their customers over £100,000,000
  • Encouraged health and well-being with over 1,100,000 mindfulness sessions and 3,700,000 workouts being recorded in the Vitality app over the course of the year
  • Provided 450,000 health assessments to their customers

Find out more general information about life insurance in our MPO Life Insurance Guide.

How has Vitality Serious Illness Cover changed?

Serious Illness Cover is Vitality’s name for Critical Illness Insurance. This is an insurance policy that will pay you a tax-free cash lump sum, if you are diagnosed with a serious illness that is covered in your policy.

Vitality is already known to be the best on the market for this type of policy.

Previously Vitality was known for:

  • Covering up to 182 medical conditions (more than any other insurance provider).
  • Offering policy pay outs based on severity of condition e.g. the more serious the condition the more you would receive (a first for this type of insurance!)
  • Providing a Serious Illness Cover BOOSTER meaning you could receive pay outs worth double the amount (£s) of your cover for specific long term debilitating conditions

They have decided to redesign their policies, to make it even better and simpler to choose the level of cover you need. You now get a choice of 3 Serious Illness Cover policies, which are:

POLICY TYPETotal number of medical conditions coveredMedical conditions with 100% pay outsNumber of medical conditions only covered by VitalityCan I claim more than once? E.g. for more than one diagnosis
Vitality 1X Serious Illness Cover114 medical conditions62 medical conditions19 medical conditionsNO
Vitality 2X Serious Illness Cover143 medical conditions74 medical conditions35 medical conditionsYES
Vitality 3X Serious Illness Cover174 medical conditions74 medical conditions60 medical conditionsYES

If you’re not sure how critical illness insurance works or if it is something you need, you can find out more in our MPO Critical Illness Insurance Review.

How has Vitality Income Protection Insurance changed?

Income protection insurance is a handy policy to have in place, allowing you to cover bills more easily if you cannot work due to injury or illness.

This type of insurance policy will pay out to you after a set deferred period (waiting period). You will receive these payments each month until the claim period ends or you return to work.

In 2023, Vitality has chosen to offer income protection payments up to 20% HIGHER than the cover amount (£s) to their customers for their first 6 months of claims. However, you must be a Platinum Vitality member to receive these higher pay outs.

To become a Vitality Platinum member, you must have earned 2,400 Vitality Reward Point over the last year (and be paying a premium of £38 per month or more).

You can earn Vitality Reward Points by:

  • Workout at a Vitality partner gym such as PureGym or Nuffield health (5 points each time, to a maximum of 35 points per week)
  • Increase your step count each day (7,000 steps is worth 3 points, 10,000 steps is worth 5 points and 12,500 is worth 8 points)
  • Attending a WeightWatchers workshop (15 points per event)
  • Have a dental check-up (100 points)
  • Complete an online Health Review (100 points)
  • Plus more…

Note: There are a lot of different ways to earn Vitality points, including the ones mentioned above. You can find the full list on the Vitality website.

If you’re not 100% sure how income protection insurance works, you can find out more in our guide ‘Income Protection Insurance Explained’. We also have handy guides dedicated to the main types of income protection insurance for more in depth information including:

What benefits are there to Vitality Insurance products?

On top of the financial protection offered by these policies, there are also some great FREE benefits now included with Vitality insurance.

This includes:

  • FREE children’s cover is included with Vitality Serious Illness Cover policies (including additional perks such as FREE Garmin activity trackers and discounted trainers from Runner Speed)
  • NO VITALITY PLUS FEES for children’s cover
  • Later life, dementia and frail care cover to protect you as you get older is now included as standard with Vitality insurance policies
  • FREE Vitality Plus Health check and advanced health screening during the first year of cover
  • The option of applying for up to 7 insurance policies within one simple application (helpful if you need both life insurance and car insurance for example)
  • MULTI BUY DISCOUNTS if you take out multiple insurance policies with Vitality in the same application (e.g buying life insurance AND income protection)

Do I need Vitality insurance to protect my mortgage?

You’re not required to have any form of insurance to protect your mortgage (although lenders do prefer you having life insurance in place when you apply*).

Insurance policies can be helpful though, ensuring you have additional financial support in place during difficult times. This can give you some peace of mind, knowing you are less likely to struggle with essential monthly expenses such as repaying your mortgage.

*You can learn more in our guide – “Do you need life insurance for a mortgage”

You can also get life insurance specifically designed for your loved ones to use to repay your mortgage if you were to pass away. This is known as mortgage life insurance or ‘decreasing term life insurance’ as the amount of cover decreases as you repay more of your mortgage.

Learn more in our MPO Mortgage Life Insurance Review.

Should I get critical illness cover or income protection insurance?

Whether you need insurance comes down to personal choice, you don’t have to have either policy if you don’t wish to. It can however be helpful to have either policy in place if you were to become seriously ill.

The main difference between the two policies is Critical Illness Cover pays out one tax-free lump sum, whereas Income Protection pays out a regular monthly income.

When deciding if you can afford an extra insurance policy, you need to consider:

  • If you have any savings that you could use to support yourself during short term illnesses
  • Are you eligible for sick pay? (either through your employer or statutory sick pay)
  • Will your budget be able to cover an extra insurance premium each month?

Note: You can choose to have both income protection AND critical illness cover, but you need to make sure you can afford to pay for both policies long term.

How do I buy a policy with Vitality?

There are a few ways to buy insurance from Vitality. You can:

  • Get a quote online via the Vitality website
  • Speak to a member of the Vitality insurance team by calling: Tel. 0161 974 2517
  • Get advice from a qualified insurance advisor

You can apply in whichever way is most convenient for you. We do recommend getting advice from an independent insurance expert, as they can help you compare available options and make sure you aren’t paying too much for the cover you need.

Note: If you want to speak to Vitality over the phone but don’t have time straight away, you can request a call back via their online request form.

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