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Sainsburys Over 50s Life Insurance Review

We outline the key facts of Sainsburys over 50s life insurance, so you can work out if they're a good choice for your life cover

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By Grace Lynch

Published on: 2 July 2022

9 min read

Sainsburys Over 50s Life Insurance Review

When thinking about where to go for your weekly food shop, your go to choice might be Sainsburys. But did you know they also provide other services including banking and even life insurance cover? 

Sainsburys might not be your first thought when it comes to your life cover, but it could be worth seeing what they have to offer. If you are over the age of 50, you can even access specialised policies compared to standard life insurance – with some extra benefits included! 

With a range of available life insurance options, it can be hard to know you’re making the right choice with your cover. It may seem strange to get your life insurance from the same people you buy a pint of milk from, but you could find their policies work well for what you need. 

Why choose Sainsburys over 50s life insurance?

Sainsburys are huge name in the UK and a well-loved and trusted brand. Their Sainsbury’s bank over 50s life insurance plans work as a form of guaranteed life insurance. This means you are guaranteed to be accepted without any medical questions or tests needed.  

We are more likely to develop medical problems later in life so this could be a good option if you have struggled to find cover with other insurers due to your health.  

Other benefits of taking out your over 50s life cover with Sainsburys include: 

  • You can get your life insurance cover from as little as £5 per month if you are a UK resident aged 50 to 80 years old
  • Sainsburys partner with Legal & General to provide their life insurance policies, so you will also have access to Legal & General Wellbeing Support Services including counselling and bereavement support. 
  • As this is a Sainsburys product, you can collect Nectar points for taking out your life insurance policy. You can collect 20,000 points after you’ve paid for your policy for 5 months (worth £100!).* 
  • If you pass away due to an accident during the first year of your policy, all the premiums you have paid will be refunded. 

Note: Although Sainsburys state you can be covered from £5 per month, it is important to be aware pricing can vary depending on several factors. Things such as the level of cover you need, and your age will affect the price you pay.  

*This is only available if you apply through Sainsburys directly and you will need to supply your Nectar card number during your initial application. The points go onto your card within 60 days of paying your 5th monthly payment. This offer may also no longer be available by the time of reading this article.

About Sainsburys Bank 

Sainsburys was one of the first supermarkets in this country to add banking to their many services, and they now have over 2 million UK customers. Sainsburys expanded into banking and personal finances back in 1997, followed later that year by Tesco Personal Finance and then M&S Money in 2003. 

They originally began as a part of the Bank of Scotland, before being fully bought out by Sainsburys in 2014. 

Sainsburys over 50s life cover is offered as part of their Sainsburys Bank brand, in partnership with one of the UK’s biggest insurance providers Legal & General.  

Legal & General themselves offer a wide range of insurance policies and are well known for protecting thousands of UK families and businesses. 

Main areas of business for Sainsburys Bank PLC include: 

Below we have put together some of the main features of Sainsbury’s over 50s life insurance, to help you decide if they could be a good option for your life cover. 

Some key features of Sainsburys over 50s life insurance are: 

Policy type Over 50s life insurance 
Premium options Guaranteed premiums (a fixed plan, the amount you pay each month will stay the same for your whole policy) 
Cover options Level term life insurance (family protection, the amount of £s you are covered for stays the same for the whole policy)  
Increasing life insurance (the amount of £s you are covered for will increase each year, and the amount you pay each month will also be increased each year) 
Coverage type Single life.  (Joint policies are not available) 
Terminal illness cover benefit Terminal illness benefit is included as standard and will pay out a cash sum to you, if you are diagnosed with an illness that leaves you with a life expectancy of less than 12 months. 
How much does the cover amount increase with the increasing cover option? (Indexation option (RPI)) If you choose an increasing plan, the amount of £s you are covered for will increase (in line with inflation*) by up to 10% at most each year.   
Your monthly payments will also increase each year (by up to 15% at most).   
You will be given the option not to increase your cover at the start of each year, but if you choose not to you will not be able to increase it again in the future. 
Age limits (minimum and maximum ages) Minimum age 50 at the start of the policy.  
Maximum age 80 at the start of the policy.   
You will not need to pay any monthly payments after age 90, but your cover will continue for the rest of your life. 
Life insurance exclusions Death due to suicide, dangerous activities or as a result of alcohol or drugs within the first year of the policy will result in your monthly premiums being refunded (rather than the full policy amount being paid out). 

*Inflation refers to the rise in prices of products and services in the UK.  

Note: While the level of cover Sainsburys offer is flexible, they will only pay out up to a maximum of £10,000. If you want a higher level of cover than this, it would be worth looking at other providers or standard (not over 50s) life insurance policies.  

Learn more about other Sainsburys life insurance policies in our ‘Sainsburys Life Insurance Review’.

How to contact the Sainsburys over 50s life insurance team 

There are many reasons you might need to speak to someone about your Sainsburys over 50s life cover. No matter the reason, we know it can be hard to work out the right person to speak to and you don’t want to waste time trying to find the right phone number.  

As Sainsburys Bank provide their insurance through Legal & General, you are best to contact Legal & General directly if you need to talk about your policy. We have put together the below list of contact details, to make it a bit easier to know where to call. 

For general enquiries, complaints or to cancel your policy: 

Tel. 0370 010 4080 


Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm 

To make a claim on a Sainsbury over 50s policy: 

Tel. 0800 009 3506 


Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm 

You can also write to Legal & General about your policy at: 

Legal & General  

Assurance Society Limited 

City Park, The Droveway 


East Sussex 

BN3 7PY 

Can I get critical illness cover with Sainsburys over 50s life insurance? 

You can take out critical illness cover via Sainsburys with standard life insurance policies, but not with over 50s life insurance. If you want critical illness cover, you will need to buy this as a separate policy. 

Note: As with life insurance, Sainsburys provides their critical illness cover through Legal & General. You could choose to go to Legal & General directly for your critical illness cover if you wish, but you may find the cover you need for less elsewhere. It is best to compare available prices across providers. 

Sainsburys over 50s life insurance claims 

It is never easy to have to make a bereavement claim on a life insurance policy. At an upsetting time, the last thing you want is to be searching high and low for the information you need to make this possible.  

How to make a Sainsbury’s over 50s life insurance claim (through Legal & General) 

The Legal & General life insurance claims team will need the following information from you to get the claim process started: 

  • An original copy of the death certificate  
  • The original policy schedule  
  • Details of the will (if there was one) 
  • The date the policy holder died 
  • The policy number  
  • Your contact details 

What happens next with your claim 

  • For a valid claim, you might need to supply additional information in some cases 
  • The claims team will try and process the claim as quickly as possible and you can get in touch to check the progress if you wish 

To claim you can fill in a claim form online or contact: 

Tel. 0800 009 3506 


Can I have a trust with Sainsburys life insurance for over 50s? 

This isn’t stated too clearly on the Sainsburys website, but it does seem that you can put your over 50s life insurance into trust with a Sainsburys policy. This is because Legal & General provide trusts and as they provide the policies, they can also provide trusts. 

Trusts are a good way of making sure the pay out from your policy goes exactly where you want it to. You can specify exactly who receives the money you are covered for and even how it is spent.  

Benefits of trusts include: 

  • Can be a lower cost alternative to a will (usually free) 
  • Allows you to specify exactly who receives the money from your policy pay out (through your trustees who will manage the funds) 
  • Can avoid legal process like probate so beneficiaries (the people receiving the pay out from your policy) receive the money more quickly 
  • Can help you to avoid or reduce the Inheritance Tax your beneficiaries might have to pay (can be up to 40% of your money and assets) 

How to cancel Sainsburys over 50s life insurance 

Cancelling life insurance might seem difficult or impossible, but you absolutely can cancel you cover if you no longer want it. Reasons you might want to cancel your policy include: 

  • You no longer want the policy 
  • You can’t afford the monthly payments anymore 
  • You want to switch to a different insurance provider 
  • You have found cover for less elsewhere  

If you want to cancel your Sainsburys over 50s life insurance, you will need to contact Legal & General as they provide the policies. You can cancel your policy by stopping your direct debit with your bank and contacting Legal & General at: 

Tel. 0370 010 4080 


Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm 

Or you can write to them at: 

Legal & General  

Assurance Society Limited 

City Park, The Droveway 


East Sussex 

BN3 7PY 

Note: if you change your mind within 30 days of cancelling your policy you will be refunded the money you have already paid. This is because Legal & General (and most other insurers) have what is known as a 30 day ‘cooling off’ period. 

You can also change/review your cover rather than cancelling with most providers, to save money without losing your cover.

Sainsburys over 50s life insurance benefits (included free) 

Below we have a list of some of the benefits included FREE with Sainsburys over 50s life insurance: 

  • 20,000 Nectar points (worth £100) can be claimed once you have paid for 5 months of Sainsburys over 50s life insurance cover  
  • Access to Legal & General Wellbeing Support Services (as Legal & General provide the policies in partnership with Sainsburys). This includes counselling, bereavement and mental health support and more… 
  • GUARANTEED pay outs for your loved ones. As a form of guaranteed life insurance, you never need to worry your family will not receive the money from your policy. 
  • FREE cover once you reach the age of 90 as your payments stop but your policy remains in place. 
  • NO medical questions when you apply, makes this a good option if you have a condition that would make it difficult to get life insurance elsewhere. 

Sainsburys over 50s life insurance optional benefits 

There are a few extra benefits to Sainsburys over 50s life cover, but they will cost extra: 

  • Option of choosing increasing cover so the amount of £s you are covered for will increase each year (the amount you pay each month will also increase slightly) 
  • Funeral benefit option can be added to your policy by contacting Legal & General. This means that the money from your policy will be paid directly to a funeral provider, so your family do not need to worry about arranging this. 

Usually people will only apply for life insurance once or twice in their lifetime, meaning you might not be sure what to do. There are a few ways you can apply for Sainsbury life insurance policies: 

  • Through Sainsburys directly (online) 
  • Through a price comparison website (e.g. compare the market) 

The way you apply is up to you, but we would recommend speaking to a life insurance specialist if you have any questions about the level of cover you need. They can also advise you about what other policies are available with different providers, to make sure you aren’t paying too much for your cover. 

If you’re not too sure which life insurance policy is your best choice or have more life insurance questions, we cover a range of topics in our MPO guides:

Sainsburys over 50s life insurance reviews 

Sainsburys Bank is currently rated 3.9 out of 5.0 stars on Trust Pilot with 60% of these reviews being 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. This relates to all their banking services, including life insurance.  

If you want to read the reviews for yourself (or add your own) you can do so on the Sainsburys Bank Trust Pilot page. 


Sainsbury’s Bank – Customer Support Zone

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