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Personal accident insurance for motorcyclists

Riding a motorbike can be risky, is it worth putting some cover in place to protect yourself?

A photo of Daniel Sharpe-Szunko, the author

By Daniel Sharpe-Szunko

Published on: 3 July 2021

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Personal accident insurance for motorcyclists

When you ride a motorbike, there are many potential dangers and risks of injury from accidents either on the road or off-road. 

We understand this more than most because we’ve been riding bikes of all types from an early age. People that ride motorbikes will usually be aware of the risks that they are exposed to when they get on their bikes. 

Risks of riding motorbikes on the road and off-road 

  • Minor broken bones 
  • Major broken bones 
  • Hospitalisation 
  • Head trauma 
  • Loss of limbs 
  • Loss of sight 
  • Organ damage 

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What are the most common motorbike accidents? 

Here are just a few things that you might be interested in when thinking about whether or not you need personal accident insurance. 

Motorcyclists are by far the most vulnerable road users because of the lack of protection compared to other users. 

According to, in 2020 there were 285 motorcyclist fatalities in Great Britain and a further 4,429 were reported to have been seriously injured. There were also 8,890 that were reported to have been slightly injured. 

The most common motorcycle accident injuries are: 

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) 
  • Spinal injuries 
  • Whiplash 
  • Lacerations 
  • Broken ribs 
  • Broken or amputated limbs 
  • Internal bleeding 
  • Organ damage 

Statistically the odds of being involved in a motorcycle accident is 1 in 100 which is significantly higher than other road users. 

What is personal accident insurance? 

A personal accident insurance policy pays out a lump sum for various injuries (similar to standard income protection insurance) that will vary depending on its severity. 

This payment is designed to give you financial support and help you to cover costs while you are either unable to work or injured. Payments can be used to pay for your monthly outgoings and for medical treatment to help with recovery. 

Personal accident insurance also provides you with up to £200,000 worth of accidental death coverage for your loved ones. Fatal accidents can have a significant impact on your family and their ability to maintain their lifestyle. 

Find out more in our guide ‘What is personal accident insurance?’.

How does motorbike personal accident insurance work? 

Market leading personal accident insurance is ideal for motorcyclists and provides outstanding cover and value. 

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident then you cover will pay out to help to support you financially. There are varying levels of cover that you can choose from depending on your budget and needs. 

We all have our own views on how much cover we need and our own attitudes to risk, so this isn’t right for everyone. 

What does motorcyclist personal accident insurance cover? 

Getting personal accident insurance for motorcyclists will give you a wide range of cover against numerous potential injuries. 

Here’s a list of some elements of our motorcyclist personal accident insurance. 

 1 unit 2 units 3 units 4 units 5 units 
Major broken bones £800 £1,600 £2,400 £3,200 £4,000 
Minor broken bones £200 £400 £600 £800 £1,000 
Hospitalisation (24hr stay) £50 £100 £150 £200 £250 
Paralysis of limbs £50,000 £100,000 £150,000 £200,000 £250,000 
Loss of use of major joints £20,000 £40,000 £60,000 £80,000 £100,000 
Loss of major organ £10,000 £20,000 £30,000 £40,000 £50,000 
Third degree burns £10,000 £20,000 £30,000 £40,000 £50,000 
Total permanent disability £50,000 £100,000 £150,000 £200,000 £250,000 
Accidental death £40,000 £80,000 £120,000 £160,000 £200,000 

For a full list of benefits you can also view them HERE. 

Personal accident insurance for motorcyclists is designed to provide a significant pay out for all of the most common injuries and even death. 

Accidental death insurance for motorcyclists 

This type of cover also provides accidental death insurance of up to £200,000 for fatal accidents either on the road or off-road. 

This can also be another affordable way to protect your family financially if you are fatally injured in an accident. Unfortunately, motorbike accidents accounts for 20% of fatalities on the road in the UK. 

How much is personal accident insurance for motorcyclists? 

The biggest benefit to this cover is that it is extremely affordable and very easy to choose which level of cover works for you. 

 1 unit 2 units 3 units 4 units 5 units 
Core cover £9 per month £18 per month £27 per month £36 per month £45 per month 
Child cover +£1 per month +£2 per month +£3 per month +£4 per month +£5 per month 
Active lifestyle cover +£1 per month +£2 per month +£3 per month +£4 per month +£5 per month 
Healthcare cover  +£1 per month +£2 per month +£3 per month +£4 per month +£5 per month 

The only way to buy a motorcyclists personal accident insurance policy currently is via a select few insurance specialists

Usually you will need to speak to a personal accident insurance expert who can tell you which cover options might be best. The application process for buying this type of policy is very quick and simple, so all you need is basic information. 

How to make a claim 

Making a claim should be very quick and simple so all you need to do is contact MetLife and speak to their claims team. 

You can call 0800 917 1333 or 01273 872 492 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or email  

Resources – The Highway Code – Rules for motorcyclists (83 to 88)

British Motorcyclists Federation – About us

The British Motorcycle Racing Club – Info centre

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