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Urgent: Bereavement Support Payment Deadline (08/02/2024)

Act before 8th February to make sure you don't lose the money you are entitled to. Read our full guide to find out if you are eligible and how to claim with HMRC.

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By Daniel Sharpe-Szunko

Published on: 5 February 2024

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Urgent: Bereavement Support Payment Deadline (08/02/2024)

You may have seen some information about this on the ‘Martin Lewis Money Show’ in December 2023, the deadline for co-habiting parents to claim Bereavement Support Payment is this week. Anyone who is eligible or if you know someone who is eligible for backdated support then you need to act fast.

Losing a loved one is extremely traumatic for any family and especially for those with young children. Unfortunately, the reality is that this does happen and it can be financially crippling to your household, unless you have made proper provision, such as life insurance.

IMPORTANT: The deadline for ‘co-habiting parents’ (not married but living together) who is eligible to claim their Bereavement Support Payment is this Thursday 8th February. Here’s some information and guidance from our team of experts to explain who can claim and how to claim the money that you are owed.

Recent changes in the law, now means that more people are eligible to make a claim for Bereavement Support Payments. The law was changed in February 2023 which now allows ‘co-habiting parents’ to access the bereavement payment, but the ruling only allowed for 12 months for people to claim any backdated money that was owed to them.

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60-Second Summary – Bereavement Support Payment deadline (8th February 2024)

Many UK households are completely unaware that they may be eligible claim for the Bereavement Support Payment if their partner dies. Also, a recent ruling has meant that co-habiting parents are also now entitled to claim for backdated payments as far back as 2001.

  • Co-habiting parents have until Thursday 8th February 2024 to claim for any backdated Bereavement Support Payment claims from 2001 onwards.
  • Widowed Parents Allowance payments are for claims from 9th April 2001 to 5th April 2017 which must be submitted before 8th February 2024.
  • Payments for Widowed Parents Allowance can be £10,000’s depending on when your partner passed away and your financial circumstances at the time.
  • HMRC has a Bereavement Support Helpline for anyone wanting to discuss claims for any claims for over 21 months since your partners death.

The government passed a landmark law change in February 2023 which allowed for co-habiting parents to claim Bereavement Support Payment or Widowed Parent’s Allowance before the deadline of 8th February 2024.

This impending deadline applies to those widows who had children or who were expecting children (pregnant) at the time of death from 9th April 2001 to 8th February 2023. The definition of a child is a dependent under the age of 16 years of age, or 21 years of age if still in full-time education.

Eligibility before 8th February 2024 (or 9th November 2024 for partial claims)

 Co-habiting couples (living together and not married) WITH children (*)  Married couples and civil partnerships WITH children (*)
Partner has died on or before 8th April 2001No support payment is due to be paid (cannot claim)Not eligible to claim any additional payments or support.
Partner has died between 9th April 2001 and 5th April 2017May be eligible to claim for backdated payment of Widowed Parent’s Allowance of maximum amount (potentially £10,000’s) – deadline 8th February 2024
Partner has died between 6th April 2017 and 8th February 2023May be eligible for backdated payment of Bereavement Support Payment of maximum amount (up to £9,800) – deadline 8th February 2024Will be able to claim Bereavement Support Payment if their partner died within the past 21 months.
Partner died on or after 9th February 2023Can claim for Bereavement Support Payment up to £9,800 if partner died within the past 21 months

*with a child or expecting a child (pregnant) up to the age of 16 years of age, or up to age 21 and still remaining in full-time education.

Martin Lewis: Deadline to claim £10,000s of backdated bereavement support rapidly approaching

From Friday 9th February 2024, you will no longer be able to claim the ‘full’ backdated Bereavement Support Payment or Widowed Parent’s Allowance (if you are co-habiting and your partner died over 21 months ago). You may still be entitled to claim a proportion of the full amount if you contact the HMRC Bereavement Service Helpline before 8th November 2024.

After the 9th November 2024, you will only be entitled to claim the Bereavement Support Payment of up to £9,800 if your partner died within the 21 months. You should check the HMRC website for full eligibility rules and ‘How to make a claim’.

There are several ways to claim for your Bereavement Support Payment if you qualify under the government guidelines.

You can apply to the HMRC using the following options:

  • Online Form: you can complete THIS Bereavement Support Payment from (BSP1) on the HMRC website which takes about 15 minutes to complete: Open HMRC form
  • By Telephone: contact the HMRC helpline free on 0800 151 2012 for England, Scotland and Wales, or call 0800 085 2463 for Northern Ireland, and you can contact +44 (0)191 206 9390 if you’re calling from abroad.
  • By Post: complete the BSP1 form and send to ‘Bereavement Support Payment, Mail Handling Site A, Wolverhampton, WV98 2BS’.

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