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AXA Health announce menopause support for all customers

In great news for AXA Health customers, they have announced that they are extending their menopause support benefit to all of their customers

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By Daniel Sharpe-Szunko

Published on: 2 October 2023

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AXA Health announce menopause support for all customers

Menopause is a topic that isn’t discussed enough and often people don’t know where to turn to for support. In great news for AXA Health customers, they have announced that they are extending their menopause support benefit to all of their customers.

AXA’s menopause support benefit was previously announced back in January last year as an optional benefit for corporate customers. They’ve now made the decision to offer this to all customers including their individual health insurance policies.

We think this is a brilliant step in tackling the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds menopause and more providers should offer this type of support.

QUICK SUMMARY – AXA Health announces menopause support for all customers

AXA Health are taking a great step here to better support their customers and if anything it wasn’t soon enough. Their menopause support benefit was initially offered to corporate customers only but now we’re glad to say it’s available to all AXA Health customers who want it.

  • You can claim for specialist menopause advice and consultations for symptoms that can’t be managed by your GP
  • There are some great extra benefits like 24/7 phone support from qualified nurses doctors and counsellors
  • AXA Health members with outpatient cover won’t need to pay extra for this benefit
  • We’re hopeful that this is a positive indication that other health insurance providers will start to offer better support for menopause

You won’t be able to claim for everything menopause related with the new AXA Health menopause support benefit. they specify that members can claim for specialist menopause consultations, if their symptoms cannot be managed by their own GP.

This does seem a little unfair as it would be useful to have the extra support regardless. However, this benefit could be a lifeline for many people who would otherwise struggle with severe symptoms affecting their everyday lives.

Other features of this benefit include:

  • 24/7 phone support from qualified nurses and counsellors (providing information and emotional support services)
  • Online GP appointments with GPS who have had specific menopause training
  • AXA health members who have already bought outpatient cover won’t need to pay extra to add menopause support

AXA Health is made a statement about why they have extended their menopause support options to more members. marketing and proposition director Andy McClure has said:

“Whether you’re going through the menopause yourself, or trying to support someone you care about, it can have a significant impact on many aspects of your life.

we believe the varied services available to our members offer a range of mind and body support enabling them to feel informed and supported and able to choose the tools more suited to them. we’re working to ensure health support for women is not just an optional extra and is recognised and delivered in the way any other treatment would be.”

The fact is menopause is often brushed under the rug and not really discussed as an important health issue. Menopause can cause significant symptoms and have a huge impact on your daily life.

Speaking openly about menopause is key in helping to get rid of stigma and making sure no one feels alone. If you or someone you care about is currently going through the menopause there are support services out there that can help such as:

What does this mean for the insurance industry moving forwards?

In fairness AXA isn’t the first or only insurer to offer support for menopause. Vitality for example have partnered with Peppy, to offer support services to their members struggling with menopause symptoms.

How do I get AXA menopause support?

If you’ve already got a policy with AXA Health you can contact them directly to ask about adding this benefit onto your plan. Sadly, this isn’t a free benefit (hopefully this is something AXA and other providers will offer in the future), and you will be able to get information around cost when you speak to AXA.

You could also speak to a health insurance specialist more advice about AXA Health, their benefits and if there are any other providers that might work well for you.

You can speak to one of our trusted health insurance partners on 0800 009 6559 or by clicking here.


AXA Health actually have several useful guides about the menopause on their website already which could be helpful for you.

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